We regret that we have been unable to arrange a Star Group trial for next month.

This is basically because we no longer have enough Clubs in the Group to support twelve  events a year. We have lost Windlesham, BSSA, and Streatham in recent years.

The next event will be Thames Club’s Suzette Farmer Memorial Trial on the 9th of October at Hook Wood.


Class changes for 2017

It has been decided to introduce a Class for Air Cooled Monoshocks from January 2017, riding the Red route. Suggested by Barry Fitzmaurice.

In addition from January 2017 the Pre 67 British Bike classes A and B are to be combined and reformed as two new classes, Pre 67 BB Red Route and Pre 67 BB Yellow Route. It is hoped that this will encourage more people to enter on their older steeds.