About us

Photo of Doug Johnson

The Star Group is an association of motorcycle clubs within the South Eastern Centre of the Auto Cycle Union who organise and promote Sporting Trials once a month for the benefit of their combined memberships. Trials are run on the second Sunday of every month except for November when in deference to Remembrance Sunday they are run on the first Sunday.

Member Clubs                                             Websites

Croydon MCC                                           http://www.croydonmotorcycleclub.com

Haslemere & District MCC                       http://www.haslemeremcc.co.uk

Horsham & District MCC                          http://www.hdmclcc.co.uk

Kingston & District MCC                          http://www.kdmcc.com

Reigate Redhill & North Downs MCC      http://www.rrnd.co.uk

Sunbeam MCC                                          http://www.sunbeam-mcc.co.uk

Talmag MCC                                              http://www.talmag.co.uk

Thames MCC                                            http://www.thamesmcc.org

Tongham MCC                                         http://www.tonghamtigers.co.uk

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