Class changes for 2017

It has been decided to introduce a Class for Air Cooled Monoshocks from January 2017, riding the Red route. Suggested by Barry Fitzmaurice.

In addition from January 2017 the Pre 67 British Bike classes A and B are to be combined and reformed as two new classes, Pre 67 BB Red Route and Pre 67 BB Yellow Route. It is hoped that this will encourage more people to enter on their older steeds.


Bognor Club Present The Southern Twinshock + Air Cooled Mono Trial

The Bognor Motorcycle Trials Club Present
The Southern Twinshock + Air Cooled Mono Trial

Sunday, August 7th, Butser Lime Works Petersfield Hants
Open to anybody from any club on a Twinshock or Air Cooled Mono

  • Uncomplicated rules £20 and a bike
  • Twinshocks must have 2 shocks and 2 hub brakes anything else goes.
  • 3 routes to cover every ability

Regs available from Bognor website
Theresa Roads Tel: 07769 728226
In Motion Trials Tel: 01784 440033